Monday, June 9, 2008

Caledonia Flyball Tournament

A big congratulations goes out to Gyp and Kosmo on their flyball debuts in Caledonia. Both boys now have their Flyball Dog and Flyball Dog Excellence titles. Way to go guys!!!!
Willow and KaBoom achieved their personal best times of 4.05 seconds and a consistent 4.4 seconds respectively, on day two of the tournament and in the incredible heat! Way to go girls!!!!


Kosmo11 said...

Really? Flyball Dog Excellence title? Sounds almost worthy!! Thanks for running Kosmo over the weekend. My goal in getting Kosmo into flyball was simply to release his energy... congrats, you succeeded and thank you for that!


SuperDog Central said...

Yes, he is now Kosmo FDX.

Amy was his handler for the weekend and took great care of him. He had a blast!!! Went for walks, swimming, played tug-o-war with Willow. He did really well.