Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Possum received his Rally Novice title on April 19th!

He placed 1st and 3rd in his classes making mom Stephanie very proud of him.

Congratulations Possum RN!


SuperDog Central hosted its second Rally-O competion on April 12.

Many dog and handler teams participated and many SDC student recieved awards and new titles.

Abby with her three first place ribbons and her title ribbon.

Friday, April 4, 2008

On The Fly

SuperDog Central has created its own flyball team named On The Fly!

On The Fly premiered at The All About Pets Show in Toronto on the Easter Weekend. The team for the weekend consisted of Blitz & Morgan, Chisel & Natasha, Diesel & Heather, KaBoom & Shayne, Willow & Judy, and running in their very first tournament Groove & Amy.

Willow received her FDCh (Flyball Dog Champion) title, KaBoom received her FDX (Flyball Dog Excellence) title, Groove received her FD and FDX titles (Flyball Dog and Flyball Dog Excellence), Chisel and Deisel came steps closer to their FM (Flyball Mater) titles, and Blitz is nearing his FMCh (Flyball Master Champion) title.

The team rounded out their debut with a first place in the Open 1 divsion with the fastest time of the day on Sunday at 17.630 seconds!

Everyone is super proud of their dogs and their new team!