Monday, February 4, 2008


On November 24 & 25, 2007 Willow (owned by Judy Rolff) competed with the Time Bandits in the Spirit Catchers flyball tournament in Brampton. This was her first flyball tournament. On Saturday she achieved her Flyball Dog (FD) title and on Sunday her Flyball Dog Excellence (FDX) title.
The Time Bandits Flyball Team came in third place in division 1.

Willow was chosen by the organizers as part of the seven dog 'dream team' as best up and coming, making her mommy so proud.

The following weekend we participated in Spirit Catcher's U-Fli tournament. Willow competed in Singles racing and finished with a time of 4.280 making her the third fastest Australian Shepherd in singles U-Fli.

Blitz (owned by Morgan Jarvis) and Chisel (owned by Natasha Henlein) competed in U-Fli pairs and came in first place!!!

It was a remarkable weekend for all.

Willow with her first ribbons.